Christopher Locke's Heartless Machine
Repondicium antiquipotaciumRepondicium antiquipotaciumRepondicium antiquipotacium
Repondicium antiquipotacium
Repondicium antiquipotacium-
(commonly referred to as the 3.5 inch floppy disc)

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This particular species evolved fairly quickly from much larger ancestors. First seen in the mid 1980s, examples are rare, but by the mid 1990s, they became very abundant. They became very scarce and almost extinct by the early part of the next century. Some speculate the recordable compact disk had a hand in the demise of the Repondicium antiquipotacium.

Repondecium has been removed from the surrounding matrix (stone base) and coloration varies from a light gray to reddish to brownish to a dark gray.

Special thanks to the Austin Goodwill Computer Works and Museum for their help and encouragement with this project.

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